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Protech ‘s Hydrocarbon Recovery (HCR) technology


“Protech Enterprise is promoting a new chemical technology in waste management for the oil industry.  Our new technology in crude oil Tank cleaning, pipe line and vessel cleaning is well proven in USA and its available for the first time outside of USA.  Our mission is to fast-track the newest ground-breaking technology into the Oil & Energy industry to push towards a NET ZERO future in a way that is commercially viable for the end users.

Protech ‘s Hydrocarbon Recovery (HCR) technology has been used to clean over 100’s of storage tanks whilst simultaneously converting tank-bottoms back into a saleable asset for their customers. Our HCR technology safely clears out the waxy, paraffinic build-up of sludge in wells, pipelines and oil tankers as well as large storage tanks, without the need for huge thermal energy resource or conventional expensive plant equipment.

HCR releases the bonds created by the paraffin and restores the crude oil sludge back to a liquid state and it recovers up to 95% of the hydrocarbons immediately and placed back into inventory for processing at the refinery.


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