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ProtectaFlex – Dual Contained Chemical Hose


ProtectaFlex is the next generation dual containment hose system, offering all the benefits of existing products but in a smaller, lighter, and more manageable format. Due to its lighter weight & reduced packaging, ProtectaFlex offers a significant reduction in shipping weight, lowering your carbon footprint. The durable PU outer is UV stable and offers excellent clarity for visual inspection.

Inner hoses are available in reinforced PVC and VendHose.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower cost than traditional hose in hose systems.
  • Lower shipping and storage costs. Up to 48% lighter than traditional hose in hose systems.
  • Better flexibility and lower bend radius.
  • Easier to handle and easier to install than current dual contained products.
  • Fittings can be swaged on, offering a comprehensive coupling, eliminating the risks of clips and the need for expensive bespoke dual contained fittings. Only one standard hose tail fitting required per end.
  • Reduced packaging and fully recyclable resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
  • System designed catch-pots which enable the outer containment to be terminated inside the catch-pot.
  • Ideal for temporary lines as no catch-pot is required.
  • Potential to have a continuous run of inner dosing hose even with a catch-pot.
  • In tests the PU outer did not distort when the inner hose burst.

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