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Pulsar’s Non-contacting Measurement and Control Suits Center Parcs


Pulsar Process Measurement has supplied a range of noncontacting instruments to monitor and control dosing plant and a pumping station to Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire and also measure open channel flow of influent, adding to the equipment supplied when this park opened in 2014.

Pulsar were invited to work with Center Parcs throughout the project at Woburn Forest, the UK’s fifth Center Parcs, because of successful installations at other Center Parcs developments, including at Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. Pulsar’s noncontacting ultrasonic systems are proven in tens of thousands of applications world-wide, with a heavy emphasis on wastewater treatment applications that provide operators with a host of built-in specialist functions. The Woburn project included measurement on Ferric tanks for the dosing system, control of the site pump chamber, measurement in an ATEX Zone 1 area for sludge control and on a v-notch weir, measuring screened influent flow.


A wall-mounted Pulsar Ultra 5 was installed in the site pump chamber control system, connected to a dB6 transducer positioned above the wastewater that measures the time it takes for an ultrasonic pulse to reflect from the surface and converts it to a distance. Clever Pulsar software allows the system to ignore competing echoes from other items in the well and the five on-board relays are available to control pumps and other equipment through a sophisticated set of pre-built software tools.

Pulsar’s Ultra 3 system was teamed with a high-frequency dBMACH3 transducer to measure the flow through a v-notch weir, accurately logging screened influent to the site. The Ferric tanks within the dosing system are also monitored by a Pulsar Ultra 3, while yet another Ultra 3 measures the contents of the sludge holding tanks. Pulsar’s transducers are intrinsically safe, so the Zone 1 ATEX requirement in this area was easily met. Finally, Pulsar’s compact, self-contained IMP units have been deployed to measure level in the influent screening tank.

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