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Robinson Brothers invests in on-site Nitrogen Generation

Robinson Brothers has recently installed a nitrogen generation system to add to their nitrogen capacity on-site. As a chemical manufacturer, nitrogen remains a vital reagent for the company.

This investment was driven by growth in the business and the desire to improve efficiencies.

The nitrogen generation system Pressure Swing Adsorber system (PSA) can produce 400Nm3/hr of nitrogen gas from air. The new installation also includes a nitrogen tank and vaporiser set that allows Robinson Brothers to have a regular nitrogen supply, if the PSA is offline, and support peak time usage of nitrogen.

Nitrogen generation systems are considered to be an effective source of nitrogen as the gas in constantly supplied at a high purity. The PSA system removes the task of replacing nitrogen cylinders, reduces the environmental impact of deliveries and reduces overall waste.

Nitrogen is used as a safety blanket and reagent in manufacturing processes. Visit our website to find out more about the chemistries and reactions performed by Robinson Brothers.

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Robinson Brothers is a leading UK chemical manufacturer of fine chemicals and rubber accelerators. Our team of Chemists are experts in custom synthesis, contract manufacture and process optimisation. This experience has led us to become a reliable supplier to organisations; serving the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Veterinary, Footwear, Agrochemical and Speciality Chemical industries as well as many others

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