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The best kept secret in the industry is just a load of balls!


Let’s face it, it isn’t a new thing, a croffle, in fact Euro-Matic have been producing them since 1965 and have been selling them globally, but its surprising how many people don’t know about them or what a simple, cost effective solution they are for the manufacturing environment.

For any factories or production plants with chemical processes or heat or cooling tanks there will inevitably a number of knock on effects, such as maintaining tank temperature and the costs associated with this and also the nasty smells, toxins or even just the damage evaporation can do to the work place environment in respect to decay of buildings and the workforce. But this long-standing simple solution that has been development by Euro-Matic solves these issues simply by pouring blanket of balls onto any open process tanks and creating a flexible cover.

A blanket of Euro-Matic croffles reduce heating costs by up to 75%, and evaporation by 90% and they last for years.

Euro-Matic balls come in a variety of plastics such as HDPE and most commonly PP dependent on the chemicals and a variety of sizes from 6mm right up to 150mm. The cool thing is that the balls move around any parts in machinery and by sitting on the top of the liquid, there is completely no maintenance.

We have many satisfied repeat customers from chrome and electroplating to automotive and what is simple is that they are literally poured on to the tank with immediate benefits.

How to get some balls

Balls can be ordered on line at or by calling them on 0330 311 0003 where their friendly staff will work out exactly how many you need, there is also a clever ball calculator that enables you to insert tank dimensions and it will do the maths for you,

Euro-Matic supply direct and or to distributors. Stock is all available next day from their Midlands distribution hub.

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