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Water is not the only solution!


In February of this year the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care and the British Burn Association issued a revised Burns consensus.

This report addresses burns first aid in general and includes important guidance on chemical splash first aid. Based on evidence the two bodies recommend the use of amphoteric washing solutions for first line decontamination of chemical splashes to skin and eyes.

It creates a clear hierarchy of recommended washing solutions with amphoteric solutions being the first choice, followed by Hartmann’s or normal saline and with water being the final choice if none of the others are available.

The British Burn Association also go on to advise that a number of chemicals should not be irrigated with water at all. These include Sulphuric Acid, Muriatic Acid, Phenol and Hot Lime.

Diphoterine® solution is an amphoteric chelating agent and has three main benefits:

  • A mechanical washing action to remove excess chemical from the surface of the skin or eyes
  • Chelating ability of the amphoteric solution that binds and renders harmless the aggressor from the six chemical groups that can cause a chemical injury (acids, bases, oxidising agents, reducing agents, chelating agents and solvents) thereby stopping the development of the chemical lesion
  • A hypertonic solution that prevents the “wash-in” effect that sees water potentially assisting the penetration of chemicals into the skin and eyes. In fact, Diphoterine® can encourage a reverse flow from the tissues to remove penetrated chemicals.

Are your chemical first aid procedures in line with this new guidance? If not and you would further information or an onsite demonstration of Diphoterine® please contact us on 01622 851000, or email me at

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