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Witzenmann UK are pleased to introduce their newly extended range of pipe hangers and supports to the UK market


Witzenmann UK offers a complete range of flexible metal elements including metal hose, bellows, expansion joints, pipe hangers and supports. As a leader in the UK market and fully integrated part of the global Witzenmann Group, we provide competitive, high quality products and services including an unrivalled level of technical and engineering support to a diverse group of customers within the Automotive, HVAC, Aerospace, Commercial Vehicles, Large Engines and General Industrial sectors.

Witzenmann UK are pleased to introduce their newly extended range of pipe hangers and supports to the UK market.

Fig 1: Bellows
Fig 2: Corrugated Metal Hose

Fig 3: Pipe Support

Spring and constant pipe hangers and supports can be used across many industries to support and fix pipework conveying multiple media. The Witzenmann portfolio offers competitively priced, high-quality products which are fully comparable with our European competitors whilst also offering greater flexibility through a higher temperature range with customised solutions allowing operation at temperatures of more than 650°C.

To enable customers to easily access, design and specify their own requirements, Witzenmann offers free of charge FLEXPERTE configurator software. This unique software enables quick and efficient design of pipe supports in a clear, structured and user-friendly way. The FLEXPERTE data can be exported in variety of formats including 2D drawings and 3D models and can interface with all of the main piping design systems.

Our range of pipe hangers and supports combine perfectly with the traditional and internationally recognised range of Witzenmann Expansion Joints.

Fig 4: Metal Hose Assembly

Fig 5: Pipe Hanger

Witzenmann UK provides locally assembled expansion joints and metal hose assemblies up to and including DN350. Larger standard and bespoke expansion joints are produced at our headquarters in Pforzheim, Germany. Our UK production capability has been built up over a number of years and today allows us to deliver a dynamic overall service to our customers whether they be ah-hoc or regular users.

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