Periodic Fable

Periodic Fable

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Welcome to The Periodic Fable, the podcast where we take a dive into the world of chemistry with Cameron, Hallam & Bryony. In The Periodic Fable, we want to take complex chemistry related topics in society and the media today, humanize them and make them easy to understand.

We want to have discussions about all things chemistry, whether that’s the world of sustainability and cleaner living, to careers in the chemical industry.Joining us on the podcast are champions of industry who may be very junior in their careers and wanting to create change from within, to senior careerists who’ve got a wealth of experience.

We want our guests to come on and give their side of the chemical story. We want to use this space to inform and inspire. Whether you’re considering a chemical career, or whether you just want to learn more about the world of science & chemistry, The Periodic Fable will be a space for you.

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