Key Presentations Include:

Exhibitor News Articles, Product Releases and Case Studies

'CHEMUK 2019 was a fantastic inaugural event for the chemical industry' Event Manager, Chemicals NorthWest

Represented process plant/equipment/C & I tech sub-sectors includes:

Abatement Solutions
Automation & Robotics solutions
Batching, dilution and filling control systems
Bucket Elevators
Carbon Absorbers
Centrifugal separators
Chemical dosing solutions
Chemical pump systems
Chemical transfer & dosing solutions
Clamping solutions
Compressor technology
Condition monitoring solutions
Continuous dosing solutions
Control instrumentation
Coriolis mass flowmeter
Coupling Products
Custom made processing solutions
Dispensing solutions
Dosing solutions/systems/units
Dosing Tanks
Drying Chambers
Expansion Joints
Filtration systems/solutions
Filter housings and filtration skids
Flange solutions
Flexible metal elements
Flow control solutions
Flow measurement/metering solutions
Flow, level & temperature solutions
Fluid aspiration system small flange components
Fluid Containment solutions
Fluid Control solutions
Fluid transfer/handling solutions
Gas Handling & Process systems
Gear meters
Heat Exchangers & Heat Transfer Solution
Hoses & Couplings
IBC adaptors
Industrial sensors
Industrial Valves & Flow Control systems
Industrial Weighing & Force measurement
Inline Mixing, Blending & Dosing solutions
Instrumentation, magnetic couplings & hydraulic system components
Instruments for -line continuous process measurements
Integrity Management solutions
Level & Flow measurement solutions
Level detection solutions
Liquid and powder transfer solutions
Lubrication equipment & solutions
Mechanical seal solutions
Mills & Mixers
Mixer/Agitator technology
Mixing solutions
Particle & Powder Processing equipment
Pigging systems / pigging technology
Pipe Fittings & supports
Pipe system vibration solutions
Polyolefin Filter Elements
Pressure & Temperature Gauges
Pressure relief solutions
Pressure Vessels
Process Automation
Process control systems
Process Instrumentation
process metering, transfer and filling solutions
Process plant & equipment
Process storage tanks
Process Vessels
PTPE hoses & assemblies
Pumping & Fluid Management solutions
Rupture discs
Salt Saturators
Screen changers
Sealing solutions
Solid & Liquid Separation Systems
Storage Tanks
Structural GRP profiles
Switchgear & Control equipment
Systems & Process technology
Tanks & Vessels
Temperature equipment &control
Thermal Energy Management
Thermal movement & misalignment solutions
Thermoplastic plant and pipework
Turbo blowers
Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
Vacuum & Low Pressure Solutions
Valve Solutions
Valves & Actuators
Viscous market processing solutions
…Plus more!