Key Presentations include:

Key Presentations include:

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Skills/CPD Clinic

Career Management Advice and Guidance

The Royal Society of Chemistry Career Management team will be on hand to provide confidential one-to-one advice and information to professional chemical scientists, helping you to manage every aspect of your career.

See RSC Skills & CPD Clinic Homepage

Daily Feature ‘Skills Development/CPD’ sessions – hosted by The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

These sessions cover the journey to accreditation for professional development schemes, helping organisations provide a fully supported route to recognition for the chemical scientists in their companies. They will highlight benefits that individuals and organisations gain, in terms of driving performance, recruiting and retaining staff, building personal confidence and enhancing professional credibility.

Discussion will be given to skills development at each career stage, with a focus on the competencies that are required for various levels of professional qualification, ultimately leading to Chartership ensuring organisational success now and for the future.

Daily guest speakers – Senior stakeholders from AstraZeneca’s RSC accredited scheme will discuss how their organisation has focussed on skills development, providing an invaluable case study and insight into the benefits accruing.


Represented business, engineering, technical & contract services include:

Joint Integrity Training
International accredited/certified training courses
Flange Integrity and Sealing Technology training
Safety and Skills training
Workplace and Safety training
Slinging and Crane Operations training
Forklift Truck Operation training

First Aid/Fire Safety training
Working at Height training
Materials Handling training
Executive Recruitment
Chemical Sector Skills
Industrial Training Services
Plus many more..