Alec Keeler

Managing Director - LOADTEC Engineered Systems Limited

Presentation Title : Removing the Human Interface in Tanker Top Loading

Abstract : Preventing falls from height, exposure to harmful substances, minimizing damage to tankers and resources, providing definable payback on capital within a short time. Who doesn’t want that? The rise of the robot means that this is available and achievable for a lot less money than most imagine. This paper discusses the growing desire to improve operator safety and environmental compliance through the use of automated loading arms that are completely autonomous and customization. cars are entirely built using robots. So why are we not dispensing 25,000 liters into tankers the same way?

Bio : Alec Keeler, an expert in best practice with regards to fall prevention and tanker loading in terminals and process plants, is the Managing Director of Loadtec Engineered Systems Limited. Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of bespoke systems for filling and emptying liquid tankers and providing means of safe access for operators working on them. With Alec’s 36 years of experience and a collective 250 years within the company, Alec and his team certainly know a thing or two about how to load and empty tankers.