Workforce Transformation with Data Science and Analytics

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.20 to 12.40, Stage 4


Allison BuenemannIndustry Principal, Seeq Corporation

About this presentation

The most successful chemical industry digital transformation initiatives invest in employee and technology innovations such as cloud, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Examples include enabling process engineers with self-service applications, scaling the efforts of data scientists with solutions to make algorithms accessible to front line employees, and enabling operator and management access to production insights to accelerate decision making. Chemical companies taking this approach in the context of the unique batch and multivariate analytics associated with the industry are driving production, reliability, quality, and sustainability improvements. This session will present chemical industry case studies and ROI metrics which demonstrate the importance of balancing investments across employees and technologies to improve business outcomes.

Speaker Bio:

Allison Buenemann is an Industry Principal at Seeq Corporation focused on the chemicals industry. She has a process engineering background with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Louisiana State University. Allison has nearly a decade of experience working for and with bulk and specialty chemical manufacturers to solve high value business problems leveraging time series data. In her current role, she enjoys monitoring the rapidly changing trends surrounding digital transformation in the chemical industry and translating them into product requirements for Seeq.