Revolutionizing Heat Transfer: Innovative Solutions to Reduce Fouling and Improve Efficiency

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.30 to 12.45, Stage 4


Amol PalveSales Manager- KLAREN Technology, Taprogge GmbH

About this presentation

A Heat exchanger is a critical equipment used in the chemical industry for various applications, including heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation and heat recovery. However, heat exchanger fouling is a major problem that can lead to a significant decrease in heat transfer efficiency, resulting in increased operating costs, decreased equipment efficiency, and increased maintenance and repair costs. While there are several solutions available to combat fouling, not all of them are completely successful and effective.

KLAREN Technology, a competence brand of Taprogge, offers a continuous cleaning solution for either new or existing heat exchangers. The self-cleaning technology removes fouling layers at an early stage of development, keeping the tube wall clean and ensuring constant heat transfer. The self-cleaning process occurs through a fluidized bed mechanism, which can handle a wide variety of fluids, ranging from aqueous solutions to oils and slurries. Unlike chemical treatments, this solution can take care of various types of fouling due to its mechanical cleaning process.

Learn how, the fluidized bed self-cleaning heat exchanger technology can help you to achieve up to zero-fouling operation , which can significantly reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency in the chemical industry.

Speaker Bio:

Amol is a chemical engineer by education and sales manager for KLAREN Technology at Taprogge GmbH, a world leader and early pioneer of cleantech solutions in various industries. He has 12 years of experience serving global clients in various segments through speciality chemicals and engineering technology. Currently based in the Netherlands, Amol is responsible for serving several key markets and supporting Taprogge subsidiaries worldwide to promote and market the KLAREN Technology. Amol’s extensive experience and expertise in engineering, sales and marketing have enabled him to help clients achieve successful solutions to complex problems, resulting in high return on investment (ROI). As an industry speaker, Amol enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with chemical industry professionals. He can help to develop proven solutions that enable clients to achieve zero-fouling for their heaters, coolers, and reboilers, and is passionate about educating others on how to implement these solutions successfully. Amol can be reached at