Reducing Costs Of New Product Development And Manufacture Using Safe And Sustainable By Design Principles

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.00 to 14.15, Stage 5


Andrew BourneAssociate - WSP

About this presentation

A key aim of chemical regulation strategies around the world is to accelerate the pace of hazardous substance substitution to less hazardous alternatives with equivalent levels of functionality. This poses an issue for all chemical producers, especially SMEs, as the costs associated with new product development, manufacture, and marketing are substantial.

Safe and Sustainable By Design (SSBD) offers a framework for anticipating and predicting the hazards, impacts, and benefits of new products which in turn allows companies to plan the associated costs and potential market acceptance.

This presentation will introduce in an accessible way how adoption of SSBD principles can benefit chemical producers as well as reducing the impact on the environment and human populations.

Aspects covered:

  • Use of computer models to predict chemical hazards at the research and development stage
  • Regulatory and policy developments.
  • Methods to assess sustainability of chemical production and supply chain.
  • Use of SSBD data in regulatory submissions

Speaker Bio

Andrew has worked in chemical regulatory affairs for more than 14 years. During this time, he created and submitted regulatory dossiers for the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines, and New Zealand, as well as perform classification and labelling assessments for chemicals used all over the world. Andrew specialises in chemical risk assessment and is very experienced with the risk assessment methodologies of the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Andrew has worked for a variety of companies within the chemical sector and is well versed in industry standards and practices.