'Transforming Advanced Chemical Technologies into Profit'


Andrew WynnManaging Director - TTIP Consulting

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.45 to 16.00, Stage 1

About this presentation

‘Transforming Advanced Chemical Technologies into Profit’ addresses how to successfully guide new products and technologies through the many layers of organisational structure and corporate hurdles that they have to deal with before they can become successful new products. Coming up with a great idea for an innovative product is just the start of a complex and lengthy process of making it into commercial reality and there are too many stumbling blocks along the way that can derail a great idea. The presentation is filled with examples from the speaker’s own career of advanced material products that he and his teams developed. It challenges businesses that ‘The Biggest Barrier to Innovation is your own Business’ by highlighting the Organisational, Process and Cultural barriers that businesses face. This is an important topic for the Chemical industry because many people get wrapped up in the excitement of their new technology, but have little concept of the real world struggle they will face to manoeuvre it successfully through a business to make it a commercial reality.

Speaker Bio

Dr Andy Wynn is a former CTO at a billion dollar FTSE 250 multinational manufacturer, and a veteran of the Chemical and Advanced Materials Industry, with over 30 years’ experience of delivering business growth through new technologies all over the world. The products that he and his teams developed have sold hundreds of millions of dollars. He is the founder of TTIP Consulting, the International Innovation Company that helps industrial and high tech companies grow by accelerating their delivery of better, more profitable new products and by internationalising their sales, and is author of the book ‘Transforming Technology into Profit’. Andy is a regular speaker at conferences and business schools all over the world, and was recently invited to present the opening keynote speech at the 2019 international Ceramics UK conference.