Joint Presentation:

nautilUS a bathyscaphic inspection robot

Joint Speaker

Angelos PlastropoulosEngineering Manager - Innvotek LTD

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 15.20, Stage 4

About this presentation

Joint presenters for this feature presentation:

  • Matthew Beatty, Global Advanced Robotic Applications Manager – Sonomatic Limited
  • Michael Burrows, Senior Innovation Advisor, RS Components Limited
  • Angelos Plastropoulos, Engineering Manager – Innvotek LTD

Following a successful Innovate UK government funded bid, Project nautilUS resulted in the development of an automated inspection robot to operate in hazardous human environments. Now, the project has been awarded additional funds to focus on the exploration and “real” world application. This has led to the formation of a exploitation consortia consisting of original project members RS Components Limited, Sonomatic and Innvotek.

  • RS Components Limited is one of 9 operating brands from Electrocomponents plc, a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers who are involved in designing, building, or maintaining industrial equipment and facilities. Offering customers unrivalled choice of product technologies, solving problems with innovative solutions, and delivering a world-class customer experience, makes them the ideal lead for this project. RS Components Limited brings an unrivalled experience and capability in offering a global network of exploitation and dissemination of innovative products, which allows a global reach across multiple industry sectors.
  • Innvotek specialises in automation of inspection, maintenance and digitisation of critical infrastructure in extreme and demanding environments. The company develops customised solutions based on our customer requirements in offshore energy, shipping, construction and transport sectors.
  • Sonomatic is a worldwide organisation whose expertise in ultrasonic inspection design, development and application, dates back more than 30 years to their roots in the nuclear sector. Today the company has widened its focus and provides proven yet pioneering services to customers in defence and power generation.

Speaker bio:

Angelos Plastropoulos works as Engineering Manager at Innvotek. He is a Software Engineer with 20 years of working experience. He holds an MSc in Robotics (Bristol Robotics Laboratory), an MSc in Advanced Computing (University of Bristol) and an MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Patras). He has managed to complete successfully with his team more than 25 collaborative projects. His role at Innvotek is to manage, motivate, and inspire engineers to develop mobile robots that perform inspection, maintenance and digitisation in extreme environments. He enjoys developing applications for robotics and IoT tasks, designing cloud architectures and experimenting with Machine Learning algorithms.