PANEL SESSION: ‘The CBA Big Debate’ - daily CBA-hosted panels

Attracting future talent for a sustainable chemical supply chain

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.00 to 11.00, Stage 1

Guest panellist:

Anna LawrenceTechnical Sales – WhitChem

About this Session

Founded nearly 100 years ago, the Chemical Business Association has grown to be the voice of the chemical supply chain, working closely with its members and Government alike in navigating and finding solutions to the many challenges facing the industry.

Day Two’s Big Debate panel will include some of our Young Person Award Winners to look at ‘Attracting future talent into an aging chemical industry.’ We’ll reflect on their experiences as to how industry can work smarter to improve perceptions and attract future talent.

Hosted by: Josh Leech, Member’s Services Representative – Chemical Business Association (CBA)

Panellist bio:

Anna has a Bsc (Hons) in Chemistry and has established 4 years of experience working in the chemical industry at WhitChem, she began her career as Marketing Assistant in a newly formed role at WhitChem and has since progressed into WhitChem’s external technical sales team where she now manages her own portfolio of customers and also manages WhitChem’s textile processing chemicals range from supplier Tanatex, acting as a primary day to day contact for this long-established principal. Across her 4 years at WhitChem, Anna has lead WhitChem’s marketing activities, developed and launched a new website and has implemented new strategies and processes across the business after identifying areas for improvement.