A pharmaceutical manufacturer’s net zero journey

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.45 to 16.00, Stage 4


Anushka DevaserAssociate Director - WSP UK Ltd

About this presentation

A pharmaceutical manufacturer net zero journey

WSP will present a case study covering a pharmaceutical manufacturer who had significant natural gas consumption in its operations and required decarbonisation. The manufacturer needed the project completed to a set timeframe to ensure operation continuity as well as regulatory and environmental, and GMP compliance. Development of the existing net zero strategy was essential to the success of the project as well as ensuring that the project delivered value for money. The case study will include introduction of basic concepts as well as the way that the project was structured and the site that it covered. The explanation of the methodology that was used will include: – Collation of information on the existing system and requirements definition including future readiness – Optioneering and short listing – Technical specification for CAPEX estimation – Energy usage baselining – Energy calculation for different scenarios – Appraisal criteria non-financial and financial – Final recommendation The cost calculations were particularly robust and included predicting the spark spread ratios over a number of significant years, penalties for the continuation of assets that run on fossil fuels, electrifying loads where possible and understanding the cost of green electricity vs power purchase agreements. WSP helped the site to secure green financing from corporate for their projects and the site now has a clearer picture of their decarbonisation trajectory.

Speaker Bio:

Anushka is a Chemical Engineer and has 12 years of industrial and consultancy knowledge working across industries within the UK such as pharmaceutical, waste, water & wastewater sectors. She is currently WSP Industrial Decarbonisation Lead within WSP’s Sustainability & Climate Change division. Combining her engineering acumen with carbon know how, Anushka is extremely versatile at helping clients achieve their decarbonisation goals. Anushka has led the delivery of reduction programmes covering GHG emissions assessments, carbon footprints, setting emission targets & reduction scenarios and carrying out opportunities assessments. She has led the global net zero strategy for pharma clients such as GSK and Pfizer. She helps clients develop a science-based target aligned with the SBTi criteria. Her most recent accomplishment is achieving ISO-14064-1 certification and transition her clients into purchasing high quality REGOs, RGGOs and offsets to enable them/clients to make credible Carbon Neutral claims. Her expertise span a number of sectors including Built and Infrastructure-but with a background in Process Engineering she is focused on growing WSP’s Industrial decarbonisation offering.