BASF-hosted case study Feature Session

The Impossible Bottle - The art of innovation and making paper hold liquid

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Wednesday: 14.00 to 14.30, Stage 5

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About this Session

The materials used in bottle production come with compromises. Glass is heavy and needs a lot of energy to produce and recycle. Plastic is lightweight and needs much lower energy to produce but stays in the environment for a long time if not disposed of properly. When the global drinks brand owner Diageo set about a quest to find an alternative, they came to BASF to solve the problem of how to make paper hold liquid.

This presentation showcases how BASF and Pulpex (the Diageo/Pilotlite collaboration) worked together on rapid innovation and custom formulated chemistry to create a barrier to a wide variety of both food and non-food liquids across a range of FMCG categories while remaining recyclable through normal paper waste streams.

Speakers include:

Tony Heslop – Senior Sustainability Manager, BASF PLC

Scott Winston – CEO, Pulpex

Vikki Callaghan – Packaging Lead, BASF PLC



Panel Host -Tony Heslop

Panel Host -Tony Heslop

Senior Sustainability Manager, BASF PLC

Tony Heslop is Senior Sustainability Manager for BASF in the UK and Ireland. He is a Polymer Chemist by training and has worked in the chemical industry all his working life.  His current role involves helping to support colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders to understand sustainability trends and drivers and find solutions to their problems.  This is done by bringing an expert insight into the corporate sustainability strategy of BASF, the world’s biggest chemical company.

Scott Winston

Scott Winston

CEO - Pulpex

Vikki Callaghan

Vikki Callaghan

Packaging Lead, BASF PLC