OT Cyber Security in the Chemical Industry

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.15 to 15.30, Stage 3


Ben CaleyLead for Connectivity and Cyber Security Products - Siemens

About this presentation

Cyber attacks have become a daily challenge for businesses and are increasingly targeting industrial systems. The UK is applying regulations and standardisation to OT cyber security, which is already affecting the chemical industry and will continue to ramp up in the coming years. This session will explore the cyber security and safety regulations aimed at the UK chemical industry and explain the principles behind a defence-in-depth approach to security based on IEC-62443, with a focus on asset and supply chain management.

Speaker Bio:

Ben Caley heads product management for Siemens Digital Industries’ Connectivity and Cyber Security business in the UK. With a background in industrial automation, IoT and cyber security, Ben’s focus is to support the adoption of cyber security and networking best practices into industrial environments.