Transport of Dangerous Goods – recent challenges and future advances including electronic dangerous goods

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.00 to 15.00, Stage 3

Caroline RaineTechnical Applications Manager at Ricardo with support from industry, government and trade associations

About this Session

Transport of Dangerous Goods – recent challenges and future advances including electronic dangerous goods

Hosted by Caroline Raine, Technical Director at Ricardo with support from industry, government and trade associations

COVID introduced many challenges for the transport industry including a shortage of drivers as well as the need to consider being a paperless process. This discussion panel will discuss some of those challenges and discuss how we can move forward with technology advances to ensure that we continue to transport dangerous goods safely

Host Bio:

Caroline Raine is a regulatory expert in both supply and transport legislation with experience of interpreting and implementing EU legislation relating to hazardous chemical substances. Her knowledge and expertise are wide ranging and has been developed whilst working directly in the chemical industry. Caroline is a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) for the transport of hazardous goods by road and rail and holds a post graduate certificate in REACH management. Her depth of expertise means Caroline can help others understand, interpret, and manage their regulatory obligations. Caroline is working closely with ECHA on the new poison centres legislation.

Latest panellists include:

Douglas Leech

Douglas Leech

Technical Director - Chemical Business Association

Douglas Leech is the Technical Director of the Chemical Business Association based in Crewe.

He joined the association in 2003 following over twenty years in the product formulation sector in management, health & safety, quality and R & D roles.

He is a charter chemist, scientist and safety professional and holds a dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA) qualification since 1999. In his role in CBA he involved in work within the broad topics of transport, trade controls, chemical handling, security and health and safety.

He works in the UK, Europe and internationally in the area of security being a member of DG Home standing committee of experts (SCP) on explosives, in Europe, as an industry expert in the field of misuse of chemicals.

He is a member of the UK Chemical Weapons Authority Advisory Committee, a role he has held since 2006 and annually attends the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) associates programme to education national inspectors and industry of the extensive regulations for trade in chemicals.

He has also worked with the World Customs Organisation (WCO) and Interpol to help provide an insight into industry obligations, systems and procedures to government officials and foster cooperation.

Terry Harvey

Terry Harvey

DGSA & Chairman National Carriage of Dangerous Goods Practitioners Forum

PC1320, Suffolk Constabulary

Terry has served as a Police officer with Suffolk Constabulary for 17 years, 10 of which as a roads policing officer which includes conducting roadside checks on ADR vehicles. He qualified as a DGSA in 2015 and he is a radiation protection supervisor. I have led on hazmat incidents within Suffolk, work with contingency planning to write procedure regarding hazmat and participated in large scale exercises with Sizewell Nuclear power station. Terry is part of the specialist operations department as a commercial vehicle specialist working on tachograph/drivers hours analysis, vehicle examination, plant and agricultural vehicle identification, collision scene management and a family liaison officer. I am also a CBRN officer, advanced search officer and a few other bits too.

National CDG Practitioners Forum
The CDGPF was created in 2000 by two police officers who thought that a more standardised approach to enforcing hazmat made sense. The initial meeting received the backing of ACPO, DfT & HSE, then went across the UK. This coincided with the HSE returning inspection powers back to Police forces which now include ONR in relation to Class7. The forum meets twice a year and is attended by police forces from across the UK, Government agencies and, more importantly, industry representatives.

Jason Dearsley

Jason Dearsley

DGSA & Secretary of National Carriage of Dangerous Goods Practitioners Forum

My name is Jason Dearsley and I have been a Police Constable since 1998. I have been on Roads Policing for nearly 17 years with the majority of that as a Police Sergeant. Currently I am in command of the Commercial Vehicle Unit for Essex Police, where I supervise the daily operations relating to Commercial vehicles, including the movement of abnormal indivisible loads, as well as supporting in times of high demand the main Roads Policing Units. I am trained as a Lead Investigating Officer for Road Deaths, a Road Scene Manager (Managing complex scenes and traffic management with partner agencies and emergency services). I am also a tactical advisor for pursuits and authorised to carry Taser, as well a qualified trainer to deliver the Tier 1,2 & 3 National Dangerous Goods training packages for my force, as well as providing training for staff in our Force Control Room.

I also have UK wide responsibilities as the Vice Chair for the National Carriage of Dangerous Goods Practitioners forum (NCDGPF), a role I have performed since 2018. I am an accredited Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, having held this qualification for six years. I am a trained Radiation Protection Supervisor and have been working on the role out of Class 7 enforcement training across all enforcement bodies in the UK.

Outside of work I enjoy rambling around East Anglia, which may well involve the odd public house. I am blessed to have a very understanding wife and a wonderful son.

Herman Teering

Herman Teering

Herman Teering, Managing Director - DGOffice B.V

Herman Teering was born in the Netherlands in 1968.

Before coming to DGM in 1997, he was a logistics expert in the Dutch army. He worked for 5 years as a logistics coordinator for Explosives and Fuel distribution and 5 years as expert on International movement of equipment, ordnance and personnel.

Herman first joined DGM as a member of the Special Project team at DGM NL. In the years that followed he held senior management positions in DGM Systems and DGM Support, the head office of the international DGM network.

Since 2003 he is Managing Director of DGOffice B.V., an IT company specialized in databases, tools and solutions for all modes of transport, production, storage, handling and waste of Dangerous Goods.

Herman is married to Pauline and has one son.

Beth Hewlett

Beth Hewlett

Policy Advisor - Department for Transport

Joining DfT’s Dangerous Goods team back in September 2021, Beth is the policy lead for ADR training, and has been working on a range of projects from the remote delivery of ADR driver training to reviewing the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor regime here in the UK. Prior to this, Beth spent two years working in various roles across another public body to deliver funding to support strategic projects. Beth also has practical experience of working in Pharmacy, along with a MSc in Business Management.