Case Study - Integrating Process Safety into the design and build of new plant for production of a key ingredient for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.45 to 11.00, Stage 3


Carolyn NichollsManaging Director - RAS Ltd

About this presentation

An interesting example of a project with significant challenges; to deliver a key ingredient for a COVID-19 vaccination in the height of the pandemic with immense time pressure and limitations presented by COVID-19 measures. The available timeframe highlighted the importance of inherent safety as the starting point for any good design and provided the opportunity to focus on innovative and pragmatic solutions for process safety. The company typically uses the traditional 6 stage hazard study approach from its heritage. Traditional approaches were challenged and tailored for modern application, for instance hazard studies were carried out remotely to comply with restrictions. Careful thought and adaptation made for a more pragmatic, more useful, and successful approach. Process safety reviews were used as check points, and to provide breathing space and assurance to the designers. A competent and agile team made this possible, with independent input. This case study will discuss the importance of the right people, using the right processes at the right time, for successful risk understanding and management. The case study will highlight the key process safety decisions in the design, and the approach to the risk understanding and management. Pressure forces people to think differently and challenge the norms. This is a great example of where those pressures have revealed efficiencies and techniques that will be shared and adopted into future projects.

Speaker Bio

Carolyn is an MIChemE, Professional Process Safety Engineer and Managing Director of RAS Limited. Her current work is predominantly with clients in the UK, working to ensure COMAH and DSEAR compliance. She has particular interest and expertise in Quantified Risk Assessment and ALARP demonstration, both for safety of people and the environment. She has a wealth of experience supporting large projects from concept through to operations.