How Plant Process Management in a chemical plant supports the most important 15 minutes of your day

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.20 to 13.40, Stage 4


Charles DouthwaiteBusiness Development, eschbach GmbH

About this presentation

The Industry 4.0 movement is the global drive toward a digitally transformed, autonomous, efficient and safe industrial environment, which is also true for Industry 5.0. The core principle is that all elements of an industrial process can benefit from more complete digitization, data collection, analysis and integrated sharing. To get there, the operational technology (OT) ecosystem will leverage technology from the IT ecosystem, and then must adapt it for application to complex cyber-physical situations. One such area is in shift management and shift handover in the continuous process industries. 50% of all Production Failures typically happen within 30 minutes of a Shift Handover. This presentation focuses on why effective digital communication in a production environment is so critical, and its impact during Shift Handovers.

Speaker Bio:

Responsible for Business Development at the software company eschbach, Charles has been directly involved in the delivery of business automation projects for over 30 years. With a broad practical experience of successful project delivery, Charles can clearly articulate why communication between people will always be a key success factor.