Building on Firm foundations


Chris FlowerUK Digital Lead, ABB Energy Industries

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.00 to 12.20, Stage 3

About this presentation

Digitisation opens up limitless opportunities to derive value from existing data already collected on operating sites and instruments, such as smart sensors, which provide easy opportunities to collect more valuable data.  However, the technology is only one pillar required to successfully develop and implement an effective digital project.  The technology alone without the integration of people and processes can be expensive and generate inefficiencies, instead of the much promised efficiency gains.  This presentation will describe how these three pillars need to work together to deliver digitisation and demonstrate how ABB have done this, by providing relevant case study material.

Speaker Bio

Chris Flower is a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and has over 20 years supporting the chemical industry across the different sectors.  He has recently changed role and is now the Digital Lead for ABB Energy Industries in the UK, using his industrial and consulting knowledge to provide solutions and strategies to ABB’s customers, as they navigate the developing digital industrial landscape.