Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 16.30, Stage 2

Session Host:

Chris Hiscocks (Session Host)Enterprise Manager - Biovale

About this Session

2023 Bioeconomy ‘Pitch Event’
Extended feature session – hosted by BioVale

Innovation in the bioeconomy takes another step forward at ChemUK. Come to Pitchfest and hear how teams from around the UK are using adaptive AI for faster materials research and design, optimising bioreactors for better plastics recycling, and nutrifying the surface of our planet with aerodynamic seed pod distribution. You want more? How about decarbonising the construction industry and enabling sustainable cell manufacturing? 10 short pitches with rapid Q+A will leave you energised and inspired. Meet the founders after the event as we transition to networking drinks.

Just some of the innovators featured this year include:
• Aerseeds – A New Way to Reforest. AERSEEDS are aerodynamic nutrient and seed pods made from food waste, that work with nature to accelerate regeneration up to 10 times. Mimicking natural processes, AERSEEDS are carried by the wind to cover large areas and reach difficult terrains, where they deliver nutrients and seeds to soils, depleted by human activity.
• Mykor – Decarbonising the Construction Industry. Construction materials emit massive amounts of carbon long before the lights of a building are switched on. Mykor decarbonise the construction industry by manufacturing carbon-negative materials.
• New Wave Biotech – Bioprocessing Optimisation Software for a Greener Future. New Wave BioTech help customers design and optimise downstream processing pipelines with our computational modelling software, so they can get to market quicker, cheaper and better.
• Liquibio – Enabling sustainable cell manufacturing across the life science sector. Liquibio are a startup company developing emulsion technologies for the life sciences.
• Nova Extraction – Continuous depolymerisation of lignin with inline separation and fractionation.
…… and more……

Check website for updates on full line-up of featured innovators in the 2023 Bioeconomy ‘Pitch Event’