ISO 8655:2022 - A new challenge is imminent – so how compliant is your use of pipettes?

Time & Location

Thursday: 12.30 to 12.45, Stage 5


Chris HoskynSales Manager - ESSLAB

About this presentation

ISO 8655:2022 is the new international standard for piston-operated volumetric apparatus, covering:

Correct pipette selection for current applications

Calibration frequency using analytical balances with the appropriate readability

Preventive maintenance frequency

Correct pipetting techniques for both calibration and the range of liquids used in the laboratory

Mandatory user training and pipetting competence requirements.

Realising credible analytical data is a challenge for all laboratories, but should we assume that it is valid just based on accreditation?

This recent extension to ISO 8655:2022 specifies not only requirements for user training and competence, but also introduces revised accuracy and precision  tolerances to ensure fitness for intended use for all applications.
As a result of many years practical experience working with a wide range of laboratories, we have noted that analysts are often able to realise a good level of pipetting and dispensing precision, however results may be precisely inaccurate.

ESSLAB’s Liquid Handling Specialists are available to advise all laboratories on the correct pipetting techniques for all applications, including pipette calibration standard operating procedures.