Next Generation Emergency Response Information Provision

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.30 to 13.45, Stage 4


Chris ScottCrisis Services Manager - CHEMTREC®

About this presentation

This talk will look at how advances in technology have the potential to transform Emergency Response Information Provision. The presentation highlights the different examples of best practice and asks whether providers are doing enough to harness technological advancements, deliver best in class solutions for customers. We will explore: Automated number testing to ensure 24/7 availability of call centre numbers.

How good is Best practice – what does exemplary look like where companies leverage technology to protect People, the Environment, Assets and both companies and industries brand and reputations. The importance of shared situational awareness in incident response environments.

The use of technology to aid:

  • Information collection on scene o Standardization of information collection
  • Shared situational awareness between the incident scene, ERIP provider, first responders, L2/3 clean up providers and wider company or national response teams The potential of this technology will be brought to life with a case study to demonstrate the benefits of the inclusion of technology in an organization emergency response protocols.

Speaker Bio:

Chris Scott has 33 years of experience in incident management and his skills are further complemented by his background in of Human Intelligence (HUMINT), a skillset in understanding how people think, act and feel in high-pressure, demanding situations. Chris has an unerring ability to step in and support, inspire confidence and insists on world class delivery to our clients.

Chris is a thought leader and pioneer in the field of emergency response and crisis and security management. A dynamic and engaging instructor of all crisis and emergency response related matters. He has a MSc in crisis management and emergency planning, supported by a BSc in Leadership and Management.

Chris’s skillset was honed with a 23-year career in the UK Military and has engaged in special operations around the world. Since leaving the military, Chris has worked extensively with oil and gas, chemical companies, and first responders in the field of crisis and emergency response where he has seen outstanding results over the last 13 years. Chris has designed and delivered crisis training and exercising to UK Government entities, European borders agency in Warsaw, Poland to working with some of the world’s super-majors in the oil and gas industry, Chemical Industry and runs exercises for a number of UK emergency services including coaching and mentoring senior management.