Digitisation of processes...making it happen and maximising the value

Time & Location

Thursday: 12.00 to 12.20, Stage 4


Christian OramManager, Elisian Limited

About this presentation

In this presentation, we will be taking a look some examples of organisations that have successfully digitised processes that were previously based on paperwork and spreadsheets running alongside point IT solutions. We will look at how the organisations went about this and discuss the value they have generated from it in the short term and the medium term.

Speaker Bio:

Chris has been working as part of the Elisian team for most of the last 15 years, during that time, he has had an opportunity to understand what has driven companies to want to invest in digitising processes and learn how they have benefitted. Chris’s experience of digitisation is based on Elisian’s eLogbook solution-set which has been used by sectors as varied as petrochemicals, gas pipeline, terminal management and government.