Christian Oram

Manager - Elisian Limited

Presentation Title : Deploying a digital joint integrity management solution to support physical joint tagging

Abstract : Joint integrity is a key part of maintaining a high level of performance and safety throughout the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry. Last year one of the UK’s largest natural gas processing terminals commissioned the deployment of a digital joint integrity management system (JIMS) to accompany and support their well-established physical tagging regimen. This presentation outlines some of the original objectives of the implementation and takes a look at the resulting solution, discussing the importance of audit-ability and the effective capture and use of data in a regulated environment.

Bio : Christian Oram is part of the management team at Elisian and is focused on the provision of web- based solutions in regulated environments across the commercial and government sectors. Elisian is the software implementation partner to the ‘Academy of Joint Integrity’ a member of the Flexitallic group of companies. JIMS, the Joint Integrity Management System holds useful details about joints as they pass through various stages in their lifecycle from being ‘broken’ to being re-made, tested and re-entering service. Joints are often physically labelled with multi-part plastic tags that reflect their status. JIMS works in tandem with a physical tagging approach to make joint management efficient and auditable.