Choosing a value based strategy to manage your valve population


Colin FindlayChairman of the Board - British Valve & Actuators Association (BVAA)

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.00 to 12.20, Stage 3

Valve are present in every process of a plant, and have impact on safety compliance, production performance and reliability and the general maintenance management programme.  Yet the overall strategy for managing that population tends to be commodity based and run to failure centred. Different strategies focused around the criticality of the different valve groups can ensure different outcomes and optimised maintenance expenditure.   In this short presentation we will talk about the different valve groups and why different maintenance management strategies should be applied and how to value the benefit of technical improvements over the simple maintenance cost.

Speaker Bio

Colin entered the O&G industry in 1974 as the North Sea began to open up, working offshore for over 15 years as a logistics and commercial manager.  Having completed a Masters Degree in Project Management, and moved into onshore management positions, He set up early versions of valve strategy contracts for Mobil North Sea, subsequently spent 8 years running the valve maintenance businesses for Weir Group, specialising in Power Sector outage operations, before joining Severn Glocon to build their valve service operations in 2006.  Colin has developed and operated long term valve management programmes for BP in Iraq, Shell in Kazakhstan and for several operators in the North Sea.   Most recently as Chief Executive Officer of Severn Glocon, Colin has focused on strategic development, private equity value development programmes and acquisitions.   As Chairman of the British Valve & Actuator Association, Colin works across the Industry with CEO’s to ensure the industry connects with its clients.