Water Reuse Case Study from Dow Benelux

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.30 to 14.45, Stage 4


Colin RobinsonBusiness Manager UK & Ireland, Evides Industriewater UK

About this presentation

Dow Benelux is the Netherland’s largest integrated chemical site and Dow’s second largest site globally. With overall water consumption in excess of 10 Billion litres per year and increasing pressure on local water resources a new solution was developed with water specialist Evides Industriewater that has seen the site switch to using wastewater recycling as its primary source.

Not only has this secured the water resources for the site but has led to reductions in opex and carbon footprint. This presentation will go through the timeline of this development and also the steps for the future that will make the plant 100% independent of local freshwater.

Speaker Bio:

I joined Evides Industriewater in 2018 as the Business Manager for the UK & Ireland a new territory for Evides, which is a Dutch based industrial water company with assets in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Prior to Evides, I’ve held roles in large water and energy supply companies. My current and previous roles have always had a focus on innovation and in developing new products and services to serve my customers. I live in a rural part of County Durham and when I’m not keeping busy with solving water you can find me up a mountain.