FEATURE SESSION: Session #2 of a 2-day programme of feature CPI-curated sessions

Won not zeros, how to use digital tools to drive effective chemical processing

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Wednesday: 13.00 to 14.00, Stage 3

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Across CPI’s development and manufacturing centres, we have a lens into the complexity of digitalising in the chemical and manufacturing sectors. Delivering physical automation, data automation and control across its network CPI has significant experience in understanding what to measure, when to achieve process control; as well as understanding mechanisms for leveraging the data from these approaches via on-premise and cloud solutions. CPI has a number of large strategic projects determining how best to manage IT (information technology) / OT (operational technology) convergence and has a best-in-class cyber security demonstrator in our Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, ensuring we can demonstrate security and quality outcomes to our partners. CPI work across the chemical manufacturing sectors from FMCG to pharmaceutical and offer a range of mechanisms to work with us to get support in your digitalisation journey.



Dr Lukas Kuerten

Dr Lukas Kuerten

Principal Scientist, Data Analytics - CPI