UK REACH : UK REACH: What’s New in ’22 !

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.00 to 15.00, Stage 1

Guest panellist:

Craig KellyDirector/Senior Consultant - ACRE Consultancy & representing British Chemicals Association (formerly BACS)

About this session:

Running on both days, bringing together a daily balanced panel drawn from government/gov agency , industry, association, NGO & legal sources, the UK REACH panel will seek to address this hugely topical and sensitive issue for attending manufacturers, distributors as well as downstream formulator industries, pharma to automotive and other key chemical-user industry groups.

From policy direction to implementation, each panel session provides an opportunity to hear up to date contrasting perspectives around this key topic, seeking to address ‘real concerns’ from across the industry as well as reflecting day to day sector practicalities. Opening then into an open Q&A , audience participants get the chance to get up to the minute latest feedback from expert industry panellists.

Panellist bio:

Craig has more than 25 years of chemicals regulation experience. With a career ranging from contract laboratories, product stewardship in industry and regulatory consultancy, he has broad experience of EU REACH. This has involved managing consortia, supporting lead registrants, running testing programmes and data sharing arrangements. Having established ACRE Consultancy in 2020, Craig is now directly involved in the challenges of UK REACH. This is both from a practical side, in supporting clients, but also as an advisory source for BCA member companies, who include chemical manufacturers and downstream users, from product formulators to distributors, service providers and retailers.”