Craig Scott

Director - Mingle

Presentation Title: How better human understanding is the only way forward.

Abstract: Your company is 50% more likely to over perform if it incorporates direct employee-customer connection at multiple stages of the planning process.’ The Harvard Business Review. There is no substitute for understanding your consumers better than spending time with them. There’s nothing wrong with Big Data. It’s just not enough. You need to combine data with personal human experience to really claim you understand your customers better. We will share insights and case studies that demonstrate how getting out of the office and spending time with your customers is about the best investment of time you can make. Why? Because there are many things a spreadsheet cannot tell you…

Bio : Craig Scott was born and brought up in Hong Kong before moving to the UK.” His constant sense of being an outsider has served him well in his twenty plus year career in market research and insight. Craig held Insight leadership roles at Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson.” When the pharmaceutical industry wanted to learn how to be more customer-centric, Craig stepped into the role of European Head of Research for Pfizer.