KEYNOTE: How to get the chemistry right in your ESG and Net Zero disclosures

Time & Location

Thursday 12.40 to 13.00, Stage 1

Keynote Speaker

Dan HulmeHead of Sales, Inspired PLC

About this presentation

How to get the chemistry right in your ESG and Net Zero disclosures

  1. Balancing the priorities of maintaining energy security with net zero commitments
  2. Tackling higher energy and carbon costs within the industry
  3. Your competitive advantage

Speaker Bio:

Covering a broad range of responsibilities, Dan’s role includes managing the Key Account Business Development Team, supporting partners, and developing his own client relationships. Dan holds over nine years’ industry experience. Dan is a well-known industry commentator and works with clients to advise and guide them in the development of energy and carbon management strategies. Further supporting businesses in reducing costs, consumption, and emissions at a time of increasing internal and external pressures. Dan regularly hosts industry related workshops and speaks at various trade events. With clients remarking “We have really valued Dan’s approach in making what can be a complex and sometimes daunting challenge into an organised and logical plan of action. This in turn helps drive value throughout our business and supply chain.”