Daniel Whiteley

Area Sales Manager - Klüber Lubrication Great Britain Ltd

Presentation Title : Improving Operational Efficiency through World Class Lubrication

Abstract : Frequently overlook, lubrication is the lifeblood of production equipment. An effective lubrication program encompasses not only appropriately specified lubricants and supporting compliance documentation, but assists companies in improving their operational efficiencies. Whether through TPM and Autonomous Maintenance Strategies, in house expertise, or contracted out lubrication activities, the World Class Lubrication program is an integrated process that benchmarks current practices, identifies short, medium and long term improvement opportunities, rationalizes and simplifies tasks, and upskills staff. Documentary support and appropriate visual management and handling methodology assist audit compliance, and optimization and continuous improvement activities to help clients achieve their goals of efficiency under the umbrella of brand protection and consumer safety.

Bio: With an extensive background in Aeronautical Engineering, Dan transferred his skills and experience to Klüber Lubrication, joining the company in February 2015 as a Technical Services Engineer. More recently, Dan has taken up the position of Area Sales Manager responsible for the North of England. Dan’s Mechanical Engineering background and experience in the lubricants industry assists the Klüber Lubrication GB team in delivering value to customers through the World Class Lubrication program.