Emissions Elimination : Delivering Net Zero

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.15 to 10.30, Stage 3


Dave AndersonDirector, Score Group

About this presentation

A net zero emissions target is now a widely adopted objective in most chemical industries.

It should be noted that the motivations for reducing / eliminating fugitive and other process emissions are not just locked in the negatives of compliance – there are many positive benefits resulting from emissions reduction too.

This presentation shall connect these positives to the possibilities for the reduction of all emissions, which shall be described from a top-down approach and the presenter shall describe four completely different approaches to minimising emissions.

We shall introduce a structured and consistently applied approach – covering the four critical elements of a proven Emissions Elimination Program and show how this can connect process owners / operators to a future operating state with the lowest achievable emissions, also delivering the added benefits of being a safer, more sustainable and more profitable operating company.

The benefits of eliminating emissions from the 5 key asset areas within a process plant (sources, which we shall highlight in the paper) shall be described via case studies. Knowing and deploying the best available technologies and tooling and where / how they contribute most to emissions elimination targets is a critical part of achieving best possible results.

Whilst most organisations have already started their journey towards lowering emissions, we believe it is possible – and now is the time – to accelerate market-wide progress, to achieve maximum possible emissions reductions in the fastest possible timescale.

The paper shall conclude that by taking a consistent emissions elimination approach, across all process industries, we can make major progress towards achieving our net zero emissions targets.

Speaker Bio:

With 38 years of experience of working directly in the valve industry, David has worked in many roles. He is in his 28th year of employment in the Score Group and has been involved in valve diagnostics and condition monitoring for over 20 years.

David is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a Chartered Quality Professional, a Member of the Chartered Quality Institute and a Member of the Institute of Asset Management. He is a time served Mechanical Engineering Technician and has a wide array of Engineering and Business qualifications and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and coaching / mentoring others.