Dave OudeNijeweme

Head of Technology Trends - Advanced Propulsion Centre

Presentation Title: Battery materials – a £2.7bn opportunity for the UK chemical sector – KEYNOTE

Abstract: The car industry is changing faster than it has since the Ford model T was launched. Electrification of light duty vehicles is only one of these changes, but it is set to have a profound impact on the automotive propulsion supplychain as we know it today, resulting in very significant opportunities for suppliers that traditionally associated themselves more with the chemical sector. The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) – A joint venture between UK Government and the automotive industry born out of the automotive council – has recognised the value of this supplychain to the UK economy and are currently working to help build it.

The presentation will provide some of the insights that were  gathered from two collaborative studies establishing the scale of the opportunity for the chemical industry in automotive batteries (The first one can be found here while the subsequent study is to be launched soon). These insights will be framed by trends in automotive battery technology, the global market and the specific opportunities this presents to the UK supplychain. The APC sincerely hopes that this will become a starting point for closer collaboration between the automotive and chemical sectors to jointly build a successful and competitive UK based battery supplychain to serve the rising demand both globally and at home.

Bio:  Dave has spent over 18 years in automotive companies and consultancies, with a focus on research and development of clean and efficient vehicles.

This included a stint at JLR getting new engines & technologies to market, time at MAHLE powertrain working in low CO2 technology demonstrator projects including a downsized engine, a range extender electric vehicle and a solar-driven Stirling engine as well as running a number of client projects. More recently Dave worked at E4tech, which is a strategic consultancy in sustainable energy.

At the APC Dave is responsible for providing strategic insights into future automotive technologies (road mapping) and how the UK should position itself to benefit most. His remit includes automotive propulsion as well as Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technologies. Currently he is helping to build the supply chain for electrified vehicles.