Green laboratory practices: How to extract an income from your commercial waste


David HoggFounder & Managing Director - Rejuvetech Ltd

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.00 to 13.00, Stage 2

About this Session

Covering and providing examples across four key areas in which we can help you to extract an income from your commercial and industrial waste. To include, corporate waste evaluation to determine cost effective measures of extracting by-products; the potential to implement green chemistry catalytic reactions to reduce the quantity of materials used and waste generated; reviewing the integrity and application of materials used, assess developing and emerging materials and the role of waste as a raw material in future; and finally, we will look at the reduction of energy consumption, carbon abatement processes and the potential to chemically or physically modify carbon emissions.

Session overview: ‘The Green Laboratory’ – 1hr feature session (hosted by Laboratory News)

The Green Laboratory: skills, adoption and implementation of green chemistry for both commercial and environment benefits in the modern laboratory

Individual presentations:

1) Green laboratory technology: ‘How come other laboratories use less solvents than mine? I’m going green with envy’

by Dr Simon Osborne, President of Analytix Ltd.

2)  Green laboratory practices: How to extract an income from your commercial waste

by David Hogg, Founder and Managing Director at Rejuvetech ltd.

3) Green laboratory skills: teaching researchers how to investigate the greener synthesis of sustainable chemicals and materials

by Dr Thomas J Farmer, Clean Synthesis Technology Platform Leader, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, Department of Chemistry, University of York.

4) Session Round-up Q & A

Speaker Bio:

David is Founder and Managing Director at Rejuvetech, a ‘green chemistry’ scientific solutions specialist, using science and technology to help industrial and commercial organisations maximise their output whilst reducing their waste and carbon footprint.  Rejuvetech not only assists to reduce costs of production, but also can help generate income through chemical and technological extraction and recycling of waste products.