The Chemicals Industry: The end of business as usual

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.20 to 10.40, Stage 1


David HughesCEO, New Normal Consulting

About this presentation

The world economy is transitioning rapidly with major changes in demand patterns, reshoring of supply chains, coming energy abundance, the circular economy and advanced manufacturing. These changes have the potential to wipe out the existing chemical industry but offer a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build businesses for the future. This talk will address these paradigm shifts, the speed of the change and the threats and opportunities they create

Speaker Bio

David Hughes has over 35 years experience in the chemical industry. He is an expert on the Middle East, having lived and worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 5 years after leading SABIC’s global business redesign programme in 2009. He held a range of senior executive positions with SABIC, Huntsman and ICI, where he led a range of global $1bn+ businesses based in the Middle East, Europe and the USA. He also served on a number of industry bodies, including as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Petrochemicals Europe, the Asian Clean Fuels Association and the Methanol Institute. David is the CEO of New Normal Consulting and chairs two specialist companies in the hydrogen economy.