The latest updates from China REACH and GHS

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.15 to 10.30, Stage 4


Dean WinderSenior Regulatory Consultant, CIRS Ltd (Chemical Inspection & Regulation Service Limited)

About this presentation

In recent years the chemical regulatory framework in China has undergone fundamental change with the introduction of MEE Order No.12 (China REACH), these regulations replaced and updated the foundation regulations MEE Order No.7 which had been in place since 2003. These changes include an update to the registration process and Data Requirements of New Chemical substances in China, the introduction of regulations for Highly Hazardous Substances, implementation of new requirements under GHS and the trial of the “One Enterprise, One Product, One Code” among others. Becoming aware of and understanding these changes is vital to reducing your barriers of entry to the China market.

Speaker Bio:

Dean Winder is a member of our European office based in Dublin, Ireland. He combines his knowledge of the chemical industry and his research experience to provide regulatory consultancy services, specialising in the industrial chemical sector.