‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ - In cooperation with BioVale

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 14.30, Stage 3


Dr. Andy WestChief Chemist - Bio-Sep

About this Session

BioVale’s ‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ flash talk session, hosted by Anna Zhenova, CEO Green Rose Chemistry, will showcase innovative research, entrepreneurs and SMEs offering a range of sustainable, low carbon, novel and drop-in bio-based products, processes, and services.

Speakers and organisations taking part in the flash talk session include:

  • Presentation: ‘Innovative conversion of woody biomass to platform chemicals using ultrasound’

Speaker: Dr Andy West, Chief Chemist, Bio-Sep (https://bio-sep.com/)

Bio: Andy is the Chief Chemist for Bio-Sep, a company pioneering the use of ultrasonic processing to fractionate biomass into platform chemicals. He has worked in sustainable chemistry throughout his career, developing green technologies for a diverse range of sectors including recycling, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, energy and biomass processing. At Bio-Sep, he is leading all aspects of chemistry process development and chemical analysis.


The BioSep process converts woody biomasses efficiently, cleanly and economically into cellulose, sugars and lignin. It is environmentally friendly using recoverable organic solvents and low energy ultrasonics to break the chemical bonds, producing quality separated products for use as platform chemicals in a wide range of industrial and domestic applications.