Sustainability and the circular economy in the paint industry


Dr. Benjamin NadenSenior Research Scientist - PRA World

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.20 to 14.40, Stage 2

About this session

Sustainability is very important to the coatings industry. This has moved on from the drive to reduce VOCs that has resulted in a paradigm shift in the architectural paint industry throughout Europe with more than 85% of decorative paints, a market once dominated by solvent-borne products, now being water-based.

The industry is now focussing on energy and resource conservation, waste minimisation, improved process efficiency, and the use of renewable and recycled materials for enhanced sustainability.

PRA is partnered with manufacturers and research organisations in projects that are part-funded by Innovate UK aimed at developing sustainable manufacturing in the paint and coatings industry. Pigments recovered from end-of-life automobile tyres and from waste paint helps to address a huge waste problem and provide sustainable raw materials for manufacture, requiring the development of technologies and processes for separation of materials of interest from complex mixtures of waste materials.

Speaker Bio

Dr Benjamin Naden is Senior Scientist at PRA World, a team of globally recognised independent coatings experts providing independent testing, product development, training and market intelligence services to the paint and coatings industry. Ben has over twenty five years’ experience in research, development and manufacturing of industrial chemicals and paint and coatings R&D.