Dr. Caroline Ladlow

Safety Services Manager - Kindlow Safety Services

Presentation Title : Process Safety Testing – How safe is your process?

Abstract : A 15 minute presentation about the importance of process safety testing and why ‘we’ve been running it for 30 years with no issues’ doesn’t mean the process is safe. The presentation will look at previous incidents in the UK.

Bio : Caroline is a Chartered Chemical Engineer gaining her doctorate through research into the Thorp process for the Nuclear Industry. She has been working in the Process Safety field for nearly 30 years and became part of the technical committee for the IChemE Hazards conferences in 2017. Caroline joined Allied Colloids in 1990, working in the newly formed Thermal Hazards Laboratory, specialising in Emergency Relief System Design using DIERS methodology.

Subsequently Allied Colloids was taken over by Ciba Speciality Chemicals in 1998, BASF in 2009 and Intertek in 2010. At the end of 2013 Intertek made the decision to shut down the laboratory at which point Caroline took over, creating Kindlow Safety Services to which she is Managing Director. The laboratory which is now under management ownership continues to provide a service to its loyal customers old and new as well as expanding its facilities to meet the demands of the current climate.