How the chemical sector can save the polar bears and the turtles


Dr Dana HeldtSynthetic Biology Manager - Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.20 to 14.40, Stage 3

About this session

In this session Dana will share perspectives on where we have capabilities in chemistry & industrial biotechnology in the UK to make a difference in enabling both, the Net Zero and Circular Economy, so that we don’t need to choose between saving the turtles or the polar bears! She will talk about KTN’s role in working alongside innovators from large organisations, SMEs, start-ups and the research base to accelerate innovation in Net Zero and Circular Economy and how you can get involved.

Panellist Host Bio

Dana is an experienced professional holding a PhD in Biochemistry and has specialist knowledge and expertise of innovations in Engineering Biology and Industrial Biotechnology. In her current role at KTN she works cross-sector with companies focused on the use of synthetic biology technologies to accelerate innovations solving challenges where traditional technologies failed.