Industry 4.0 … You mean Life 4.0?

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.00 to 12.00, Stage 4

Feature session - hosted by CPI

Dr. Dave Berry, PhD MPharm MRSC FAPSGrand Challenge and Digital Strategy Lead (Medicines Manufacture)

About this Session

The term Industry 4.0 has been in circulation for many years now, usually associated with manufacturing this session aims to explore the latest and greatest ideas, yes in manufacturing but other areas too: laboratory, office and life!

According to Wikipedia “The Fourth Industrial Revolution, 4IR, or Industry 4.0, conceptualizes rapid change to technology, industries, and societal patterns and processes in the 21st century due to increasing interconnectivity and smart automation.”

So, what does this mean?  What are the technologies behind driving the industrial revolution and how is it already and continuing to impact our working and daily lives? What is the human impact on moving towards increased cyber physical systems?  Are we ready?  We have an hour to explore!

Speaker Bio:

Dave leads the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre’s ‘Just in Time Clinical Pharmacy’ project and the Centres’ Digital Strategy. He started his career as a pharmacist for the NHS specialising in oncology, completed his PhD and moved to AstraZeneca to develop novel cancer treatments. After his time at AZ he led a research group at Durham University and set up the Complex Powders facility in the National Formulation Centre. Dave is passionate about collaborative innovation and leveraging digital technology to drive the effective development of new medicines.