Dr. Edward Cant

Research Engineer - The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Presentation Title : Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing for the UK Chemical Sector

Abstract : The National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM), located at The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), focuses on developing and proving additive manufacturing technologies and processes in an agile and low risk environment alongside industry and academia. By harvesting input gathered from various industrial sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace, automotive and medical, the national centre is in an excellent position to identify sector specific, additive manufacturing challenges that can result in new opportunities for the UK chemical sector. This talk aims to point-out some of these opportunities and inform the audience as to how their current or future technologies can help make a positive impact on additive manufacturing. Material development is still considered one of the most significant drawbacks to AM and so the UK chemical sector could potentially play a huge role in overcoming this. NCAM is already working alongside chemical companies to help develop their existing material technologies to make them compatible with new AM processes thereby helping them access new markets.

: Dr Ed Cant is a research engineer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre. After completion of his masters in Chemistry at the University of Warwick, he completed his PhD in engineering developing polymeric materials for use in 3D printing. In 2018, he joined the additive manufacturing team at the MTC and has since worked on a variety of projects from different sectors including aerospace, oil and gas and medical. These projects have involved developing existing materials or sourcing new materials to meet industry requirements.