Dr. Jack Turner

Research Scientist - Promethean Particles

Presentation Title : Scale up of Continuous-flow MOF Synthesis for Carbon Capture and Storage

Abstract : Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are an emerging technology to tackle CO2 capture and storage. Consisting of metal oxide clusters joined by rigid organic linkers to form 3D networks, MOFs exhibit extremely high specific surface areas (up to 7800 m2/g!). As well as gas capture and storage, this lends them utility in fields such as gas separation, catalysis and drug delivery. Unfortunately, full exploitation of MOFs in industry has been hampered by scale-up difficulties, with most reported structures synthesised only on the laboratory scale. The application of continuous-flow synthesis to MOF production brings with it several advantages in terms of throughput and scalability and, using our patented continuous-flow reactor system, Promethean have successfully demonstrated the synthesis of a range of MOFs on a kilograms-per-day scale and work is ongoing to increase this further using our 1000 tonne/year plant. This presentation will cover a brief background of MOF materials, their applications and the difficulties encountered in their scale-up using conventional methods. It will then move on to explain Promethean’s continuous-flow technology and how it can be utilised to synthesise MOFs on commercially relevant scales, using our work on the Horizon 2020 project – CARMOF – as a case study. CARMOF aims to develop a new generation of solid phase CO2 absorbing hybrid nanomaterials ‘ containing MOFs such as CPO-27 -which exhibit greatly enhanced CO2 desorption efficiencies.

Bio : Dr Jack Turner is a research scientist at Promethean Particles. Following completion of his PhD in chemistry at the University of Nottingham in 2017 he joined the technical team at Promethean and has since been involved in a range of commercial and grant-funded projects centred around the continuous flow production of nanomaterials using Promethean’s patented counter-current flow reactor systems.