Patents in the chemical sector and how to secure protection for your invention

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.40 to 11.00, Stage 5


Dr John FisherPartner - Gill Jennings and Every

About this presentation

This presentation is aimed at those who want to find out more about the technical aspects of patenting and/or the commercial value of obtaining patent protection. Attendees will gain an insight from an experienced patent attorney on the patent process, and leave with practical tips for successfully protecting their innovation and how to use the patent system to their advantage.

Chemistry-based inventions span many different technology areas – from coatings and polymers, to consumer goods, cosmetics and sustainable technologies. Those active within the chemical space range from multi-national companies with a wide variety of inventions, to start-ups and individuals looking to file their first patent.

As well as giving an overview of the patent process, and the types of chemical inventions you can patent, this presentation will also give key tips on how to arrive at a patent that will withstand the patent examination process, and be robust to challenges from third parties. For example, getting the right kind of experimental data, is key for innovators within the chemical space to secure useful and resilient patent protection. In addition, the talk will cover what innovators can hope to gain from the patent process – how they can derive value from patents, from increasing their attractiveness to investors, to gaining leverage over their competitors.

Speaker Bio:

John Fisher is an experienced European and UK Patent Attorney who works with a wide variety of technologies in the chemical sector. He has a busy prosecution portfolio that complements a substantial EPO opposition practice. John enjoys working with clients that range in size from start-ups to major multinationals.

Notable clients include a major multinational consumer goods corporation, a leading global provider of printing technologies, and a UK-based innovator in the lithium-ion battery space. John also works closely with a number of leading attorney firms in the US and the Far East to secure European and UK patent protection for their clients.

John has a growing reputation for his expertise as an advocate in contentious inter-partes proceedings at the European Patent Office. He makes around 20 appearances before the EPO Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal each year and is adept at handling multiple proceedings in parallel for related cases.

His opposition experience is also invaluable for his prosecution clients, enabling him to anticipate problems and to adopt strategies in pre-grant proceedings to future-proof those cases that are likely to be opposed. Gill Jennings & Every (GJE) are a firm of European Patent, Trade Mark & Design Attorneys, acting across the UK and EU. GJE is ranked as one of the leading firms of European patent attorneys by the Financial Times.