Life After EU: Threats & Opportunities


Dr Karen HarveyMembership Manager - Chemical Business Association (CBA)

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.20 to 10.40, Stage 2

About this presentation

Maintaining an effective and efficient supply chain is essential, particularly as businesses are under pressure to provide ever decreasing lead times and “just in time” deliveries.
However, years of complex supply chains between the UK and EU were drastically affected on the 1st January 2021 as the Trade Cooperation Act agreed by the UK and EU just days before came into force, resulting in considerable new obligations and formalities for trade between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU.

The COVID-19 pandemic and incidents such as the grounding of the container ship “Ever Given” in the Suez Canal Crisis have further heavily impacted supply chains, creating imbalances and bottlenecks leading to ever decreasing availability of shipping containers and rapidly increasing costs.
As a key influencer, the Chemical Business Association has provided a multitude of specialist workshops as well as answering an unprecedented number of technical enquires from our Members on topics such as customs formalities, Rules of Origin, tariff classification, in addition to providing support and advice on how to maintain connectivity between the UK the EU and the rest of the world, whether that is by road, air or sea.  This presentation will explore the various issues for your supply chain going forward, highlighting both the threats and opportunities going forward.

Speaker Bio:

Karen has a degree and PhD in chemistry and during her career, she has worked in a number of world renowned businesses undertaking product development, manufacturing and customer support as well as procurement, sales and business development. Since joining the Chemical Business Association to lead the commercial team, this wealth of experience has been invaluable to the Members.