Biofilms and skin microbiome in personal care innovation


Dr. Katerina SteventonSenior Innovation Consultant - National Biofilms Innovation Centre

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.15 to 14.45, Stage 1

About this session

Addressing this forum we will look broadly at biofilm related needs of the industry, companies operating in the supply chain, i.e. manufacturers, formulators, distributors but also consumers and retailers. The talk will focus on biofilms on the human body and on surfaces and on effective, innovative solutions for their detection, management and prevention ranging from surfactant formulations to physical means of biofilm disruption and removal e.g. microbubbles, standardised testing methods and novel design of adhesion-modifying surfaces. We will share a few successful case studies that facilitated new academic research to solve an industry need supported with our Proof of Concept Funding for early commercialisation.

Speaker Bio

Katerina is a healthcare specialist with substantial experience of working at the clinical, commercial and research interface. She holds a MSc in Clinical Biochemistry, a PhD in Transdermal Absorptions and over 20 years of global work experience in the personal care and wound care industry. Katerina has an in-depth knowledge of skin biology in both its healthy and diseased states. The strengths Katerina brings to NBIC comprise a comprehensive understanding of the industry and academia, commercialisation of research in a spectrum of healthcare areas and an experience of running an innovation consultancy with a focus on functional skincare.